Who I Am

Explorer seeking seeds of inspiration


    • Front End software engineer who is full stack aware.
    • Explorer of the world –  Insights can be gained from the beauty and efficiency of a BMW factory as well as the passion and rigor with which Lawrence Ferlinghetti approaches art, poetry, and activism.
    • Enthusiastic and empathetic champion of the end user.
    • Committed to the details  – “The details are not the details, they make the design” – Charles Eames
    • Continuous learner –   I’ve worked in over ten languages in my career, and enjoy learning and putting to appropriate use new technologies.

What I Do

Design software to be beautiful from every angle.


    • Working with scientists, designers, end users, and your infrastructure teams, I’ll design and implement the front end to be a bridge between the complex and delightful.
    • Everyone has flashes of brilliance, but it takes a team to deliver sustained excellence.   I help teams collaborate whether they are in the same building or on opposite sides of the world.
    • I examine workflows, mental models and true goals in order to build products that help people innovate and thrive.